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After three years of cooking for a local meal prep community I have an extensive list of delicious meals perfect of conference 'bowl food' or on-site media catering.

Try our amazing business menus

Attract your employees back to the office by offering them our freshly made nutritious catering lunch boxes.

Alternatively, you can indulge your staff with monthly gourmet lunches cooked and served on-site.

Pictured right: Chicken & king prawn tabbouleh bowls

Lunch box.jpeg

Bridget Wiffen, BNC Group

"I knew we were going to love leaving our catering needs in Jack’s capable hands, as I’d enjoyed many of Jack’s take-out meals when he first started his business in Lockdown. 

Anyway, true to form, Jack supplied us with the most delicious array of wings, hotdogs, slaws and street-style buffet food – his version of a macaroni cheese is the best you’ll ever taste!

We asked Jack to cater for 60 people, including vegans – he arrived on the day, prepared and set up the buffet for us.  Jack’s food went down an absolute storm and our event was a great success. We’d book Jack again in a heartbeat!"

Pictured Right: American/Mexican Hot Office Buffet

BBQ Mackrel.jpeg

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